Welcome to the ulu.care online shop

We are a small business in the town of Narsaq, Greenland that has been producing organic herbal soaps, balms and oils - without any additives or perfumes - since 2013.

We take our name from the Greenlandic ulu knife that Inuit women have used for centuries as an all-purpose tool for slicing meat and fish, but also for chopping herbs.

Our soaps are a product inspired by Greenland's pristine wilderness. We use a wide range of herbs - as well as seaweed gathered from local fjords here in South Greenland - in our soaps, balms and oils.

Although soap making is an age-old craft, it has never been part of the Greenlandic culture, despite the fact that our breathtaking island is one of the last regions on earth where wild herbs and medicinal plants grow in a pure environment. The climate is harsh and plants grow slowly, giving them time to develop their unique intensive aroma.

We sell our soaps and balms in many places in Greenland, but also in Denmark and Iceland.  (see "Dealers")

If you happen to be in Narsaq, please feel free to drop by our little shop where you can buy our products: Ulu Netcafé

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