Organic herbal soaps - 100 grams

Our soaps are 100% organic, without any additives or perfumes. We only use certified organic oils. All herbs used for our products are hand-picked in Greenland's pristine wilderness. started making organic herbal soaps back in 2013 and already in September 2014 we received an entrepreneurial award from Greenland Business for our innovative plan to produce hotel and souvenir soaps. scaled up its production of hotel and souvenir soaps and herbal balms in 2018 with its own production and drying facilities, including machinery for mixing, extruding and cutting soap, a soap logo embossing machine for our new logo, and biodegradable packaging.

Our biological soaps can be ordered on this website for private use or resale.

The price of each 100 gram bar of soap is 60 kr. + postage and handling. (wholesale price 45 kr. apiece)

It takes approx. 3-4 weeks to produce, dry and pack herbal soaps, so it's a good idea to order well in advance if you want to purchase larger quantities.

Please click below for more detailed descriptions of the six different types of soap that we produce: